About Logo


Soft Computing is a versatile discipline consisting primarily of Nature Inspired Algorithms, including Evolutionary Algorithms, Swam Intelligence Algorithms, Fuzzy Sets & Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks. The logo of Soft Computing Research Society is a well thought out design to include the above mentioned aspects of Soft Computing.

Blue colour represents the sky / water indicating nature. The top to bottom shading in the blue colour represents the fuzzy concepts against crisp concepts.

The hexagon represents Neural Network as well as hive of Honey Bee Algorithm.

The upper most triangles indicate the swarm intelligence emerged from birds’ flocking.

The lower most triangle indicate the DNA in connection with Genetic Algorithms.

The remaining triangles bear the four letters S, C, R, S indicating the name of Soft Computing Research Society.

The motto of the Society is सा विद्या याविमुक्तये (Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye). This is a part of the Sanskrit Shlock taken from Shri Vishnu Puran (A Hindu mythological book) The meaning of the motto is “knowledge which liberates”.

Designed by: Prof. K. C. kambo, Ex-Professor, IIT Roorkee, India, a leading and well known Architect of the country.